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September 26, 2016, 2:09:14 am, America/Chicago

BGAN Satellite Terminals Are Portable So You Can Set Up Your Office Anywhere In The World

A BGAN Satellite or Broadband Global Area Network is a worldwide satellite internet hookup that uses portable stations. The stations can connect a computer to the internet in remote places, as long as, there is a direct sight line to the satellite, the portable station can function anywhere.

Other competitive mobile internet service providers, require huge, heavy dishes to connect. Whereas, a portable station is only about the size of a laptop computer, so it can be carried easily and is compatible with any brand, make or model of laptop or notebook. This network uses three satellites that provide nearly global coverage.

There are a variety of manufacturers for this portable product and they all do basically the same thing; provide internet and cellphone and land line phone service via satellite. This service is easily set up by anyone, it is extremely fast and provides great voice calling quality. If you don't want to go to the trouble or expensive of owning a unit yourself then you can rent a unit on a daily or monthly basis.

Also, connections can be made via Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB. These terminals have the capability too, of allowing for fax use, text messaging and even multiple computers can be hooked to provide for a mobile office. They can be battery powered or you can plug them in if you have access to electricity.

Besides the north and south poles, its ability to connect to the internet is worldwide. They have manufactured portable terminals that can even be used on the open ocean, aboard a sailing vessel. However, there is a greater chance to lose a signal precisely because the boat is moving. They have even made a more intelligent terminal specifically for use in a moving aircraft.

Some news correspondents have used this equipment to provide live coverage while on the move, however, this is difficult as the connection can and often is lost while in a moving vehicle. Most remote live news coverage is done in a stationery location. Many disaster relief organizations, governmental agencies and even NATO are using this technology to help countries and their citizens when natural disasters strike or because of severe political unrest.

Other regular users of this device are deployed military personnel, firefighters in remote locations, archaeologists and science researchers who are stationed far away from industrialized and urban areas. The set up is so easy and convenient with this technology, all you have to do is point the device at the sky and you can.

As long as you can see the sky there will be no service outages, even when entering a disaster area. Point the terminal at a satellite and hookup. These connections can be made by anyone, anywhere they travel and work in any country with reliable service. For email, phone, sending attachments, streaming video, setting up Skype this portable terminal really does it all. With the special antennas they have you can do all this as you are driving around in the desert or or through the snow. BGAN Satellite terminals are ready when you are.

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